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spacer (Uses for) Leftover Grits

Here's a use for quick - grits: CREOLE GARLIC GRITS
Should feed 4 hungry folk or more... Then, for a more substantial Lenten dish there is the following traditional Pensacola dish: NASSAU GRITS

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Fried Grits - Perfect as side dish for supper, partucularly quail,
pheasant, etc. in place of rice & bisquits...

Press leftover cooked grits into a shallow buttered pie pan
(I actually use that cooking spray oil stuff).
Chill to firmness and cut into squares or sticks.

Flour lightly with seafood breading mix or flour and saute in butter and oil until golden brown.

Serve hot with molasses or butter & jam.

- pax - Andrew H. Auld; Lockport, NY
Date: Sat, 17 Mar
Subject: For Dan: Lenten Gifts - drivel