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spacer Straw or Hay Box for Slow Cooking

For Sibyl:

Straw or Hay Box

1. Use a large cardboard box (from a TV or Microwave).

2. Line the box with insulation, bottom, sides and top leaving a large enough hole in the center for your cooking pot. You can also use hay or straw because it is a non-conductor of heat, so when partially cooked food in a pot is placed in the hay box, the heat escapes so slowly that the food goes on cooking for hours.

3. Put heavy duty tinfoil over the hay or insulation.

4. Put a sleeping bag in so you can put your pot in it and cover it up when you have the contents boiling. Make sure there are no cracks in the box or the lid through which the heat could escape. Cooking time is three times the normal time.

BTW, I have found that chicken does not do well slow cooked for too long as it disintegrates.


Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005
Subject: Hay Boxes
From: SallyM