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spacer Fahrenheit - Celsius Conversions

Thanks for the link, Ken. I've got a widget on Dashboard on the mac that does the same thing, but this is useful to those that don't keep this stuff in their heads.

Ken Peck wrote:
>For those who have problems with this sort of thing -- >

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As a scientist and a cook over the years, and after living in Canada for an extended period of time and having to deny the fact that the "understandable scale" even exists, I've kept the important milestones in my head, such as:

0 F = -18 C
32 F (freezing) = 0 C
39.2 F (water at it's densest - meaning that beneath the thermoclines in temperate lakes) = 4 C
50 F = 10 C
68 - 77 F (low to medium room temp) = 20 - 25 C
98.6 F (I don't have to explain, do I?) = 37 C
and of course:
212 F (boiling water at sea level) = 100 C

Using these, you can approximate everything in between...

as a cook, I also remember the following (some of these are more or less approximations, as is my cooking, and my ovens for that matter, now that I think about it.... ) :

300 F = 150 C
400 F = 200 C
550 F = 285 C

on the survival front, if you live in the North with a capital "N", the following are also important (these also are approximations simply for the purpose of being able to remember them when your brain is froze, use Ken's site if you want it exact):

-10 F = -23 C (danger of frostbite)
-20 F = -30 C (really dange of frostbite, don't lick the storm door)
-40 F = -40 C (RFC* only send the wife or kids out to get the firewood)

Temperatures like those noted immediately above are the reason I returned to Florida after 20-odd years in upstate NY and Canada...

- pax -
Andrew H. Auld; just talking about this has made me feel cold....

(RFC = < expletive deleted >)

From: Andrew H. Auld
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006
Subject: Re: What is going on with the weather here?