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spacer CROW STEW

Charles Smith writes to his northern friend:
> Got a recipe for crow?
> Methinks you need several healthy helpings.

In the mid to late 90's, I was given a book to review, which - actually - is a very nice little volume:

"Eat Like a Wild Man - The Ultimate Game and Fish Cookbook - 110 Years of Great Sports Afield Recipes" - compiled by Rebecca Gray and published by Willow Creek Press.

....anyway, Charles' post sent me to the back room to retrieve this, as Paul seemed to be at a loss for appropriate recipes. The volume has two offerings, attributed to Bill Palmroth in 1992. I offer them here with no recommendation, as I have tried neither. In the book they fall between the recipes for Fruit Bat and Brunswick Stew. I can attest to the goodness of the stew, as for the bat - that's up for grabs until I have one to cook.

Printer version of this recipe

1 large oninon, choppedd
2 tbsp. bacon fat (mmmmmm)
1 crow (I think they mean plucked)
1 tsp. flour
1/2 cup sour cream

Brown onion in bacon fat - one onion for each bird. Add the meat; salt & pepper to taste. Cook for a few moments (I take this to mean "brown"), then add water to cover. Simmer over low heat until tendere, then stir in sour cream mixed with flour.

NOTES: Young crows are more tender; older birds should be skinned instead of plucked. The meat tends to be quite dry, butter or slabs of bacon is absolutely necessary in preparation. In England (obl ang) young crows are considered to be a great delicacy. In France (go figger) and Germany, crow meat is added to vegetable stew as well as to beef soups....

See also Crow Sandwich Spread

- ecce quam bonum! -
Andrew, GAWD I love an election (oh - I thought you said "erection...")

Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004
From: Andrew H. Auld
Subject: For Paul and Charles: Was: I've been looking forward to this for over four years.