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spacer Adult S'mores

Stephen P. Victor wrote:
What are *adult* smores?

Adult S'mores (updated)
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1 sack Dove Dark Chocolates
1 box Walker's or Lorna Doone Shortbreads
1 sack marshmallows
1 cup your choice brandy, grand marnier, Kentucky Bourbon, etc.

Place marshmallow on a fireproof skewer near the fire.
As it melts, stick it into the fire until it catches fire.
Extinguish in cup of your choice.

Place Dove Chocolate on shortbread.
Place pile of marshmallow goo on top of Dove Chocolate.
Top with another shortbread.

Rinse and repeat.

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003
From: Ellen Rains Harris
Subject: Re: How I know it is autumn